Clean Water Unit (CWU)

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Blubell’s self-contained mobile unit for water purification, high processing volumes and easy-to-use operation systems.

  • The Clean Water Unit is designed for a number of purification scenarios including surface water, saltwater intrusion, energy-water reclamation and disaster relief for emergency water usage.
  • Delivered in a 40-foot container, the unit is mobile, remotely monitored and can withstand harsh weather conditions and earthquakes.
  • Pre-fabricated and tested modules ensure fast assembly and reliability in operations.
  • A single unit has a capacity of approximately 500,000 liters/day (500m3/d) and can individually be adapted to specific treatment needs. For larger capacities multiple units can be operated both in parallel as well as in series.
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Clean Water Unit (CWU)

  • Net

  • Wind

  • Solar

  • Disel generator

  • Battery

  • CWU Smart grid controller

  • Over production

Options for wind and solar are provided by our partner Phønix Tag

Watch our highly effective CWU container at work

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